For the last 22 years, Building Cleaning Services, Inc. (BCS) has strived to and taken its janitorial services to another level by providing numerous additional services to its clients throughout Los Angeles.  Because of the reputation that BCS has garnered over the years for its excellent service, what started out as a small business taking care of routine cleaning of fewer than 10 offices has now grown to over 130 clients, some of which have been with us for more than 20 years!

Although most of our janitorial clients are in the entertainment industry (78% in fact), we also clean many other types of businesses, including law offices, chiropractic offices, architectural firms, financial management companies, realtors, manufacturers, PR firms, insurance agencies and more.  BCS clients know that we’ll do the job right, so if they have additional cleaning needs, they come to us first to see if we can provide that service also.  We are all too happy to oblige if we possibly can!

We Clean Entertainment Industry Offices and Production Studios

We have developed very good working relationships with numerous entertainment industry clients over the years.  We provide daily, weekly and other cleaning schedules that are suitable for a wide variety of entertainment industry clientele, including movie producers, recording studios, casting agencies, movie and commercial post-production studios, the gaming industry and many more.  In addition to our regular cleaning, we have also provided expert window cleaning, carpet cleaning, concrete buffing and high dusting for several of these clients.

We Also Clean Other Businesses

As BCS expanded its janitorial services to law offices, architectural firms, financial managers, realtors and more, happy clients started referring other clients to us, so sometimes we have two or three clients in the same building.  In those cases, we also clean the common areas between them on a regular schedule with a budget that works best for the building owner or manager.  Other services BCS has provided these clients include professional cleaning of the floors, including the scrubbing, stripping, sealing, waxing and buffing of vinyl composition tiles, the cleaning and maintaining of linoleum floors and expert carpet and upholstery cleaning.

Then There’s Apartment Buildings and Condo HOAs

Another area that BCS has expanded into is the common-area cleaning of apartment buildings or self-managed Condo HOAs. We provide common-area cleaning services directly for building owners or to those who work through management companies.  In addition to our regular janitorial duties, we have also provided these clients with additional services such as power washing of sidewalks and parking lots and the buffing of floors.

Post-Construction Cleaning

BCS prides itself on the post-construction cleaning service it provides not only for new or remodeled office buildings, but also for recently renovated homes and apartment buildings that have undergone tenant improvements.  What most clients want from post-construction cleaning is getting rid of all the dust, which is usually on every surface after the construction, and that is what BCS does. We frequently get rave reviews about the post-construction cleaning we do!

We Do Move-Out/Move-In Vacancy Cleanings

Another area that BCS has expanded into is helping landlords or management companies with move-out/move-in vacancy cleanings, as there is hardly an apartment or condo which is left in pristine condition when the previous tenant or owner moves out.  Of course, the landlord or management companies want the apartment or condo to look a new as possible for the next person moving in, and that is where BCS comes in to do a deep cleaning which can include extras like pro window and carpet cleaning if necessary.

A summary of additional services to regular janitorial services that BCS provides:

  • Professional Cleaning of Carpets, Area Rugs and Mats
  • Cleaning of Upholstery including Standard Office Chairs, Sofas, Love Seats, Armchairs, Upholstered Cushions and Curtains
  • Professional Window Cleaning, Skylight Cleaning, and Internal Partition Cleaning
  • High Dusting of Office Spaces
  • Power Washing, Degreasing of Walkways, Driveways, Parking Lots, etc.
  • Professional Cleaning of Floors, including the Scrubbing, Stripping, Sealing, Waxing and Buffing of Vinyl Composition Tiles (VCT), Linoleum and Buffing of Concrete
  • Detailing the Inside of Freezers, Refrigerators and Microwaves
  • Detailing the Inside of Kitchen Cupboards and Drawers


BCS had been cleaning our building for years and consistently had the place looking wonderful. Easy to deal with billing, purchasing new supplies, just an overall stress-free company to work with. Alan and Kathy have provided us exceptional service and always want to make sure we are pleased with our cleanings. If you are looking for a consistent reliable hardworking company, I urge to sign up with Building Cleaning Services, you will not be disappointed. Thank you for your continued great service, much appreciated! – James V.

My company hired BCS when we moved into our new office space in January 2017. From our sales rep Alan, to the quality control guru Peter, to our janitorial team, led by Ignacio, we are pleased with the service we receive. BCS is eager to solve any problems that arise and continually check in to ensure we’re happy. – Tabatha M.