BCS is not about scaremongering; however, it is becoming more and more recognized that mold can be a risk to your health. The best way to address this is to fix it fast.

According to one attorney firm, “the number of toxic mold cases has risen dramatically, mostly due to the growing knowledge of the dangers of toxic mold. Still, toxic mold is still vastly unknown about by the medical community and the general population. According to the Environmental Assessment Association, toxic mold concern is mounting as the medical field is better understanding the effects and ailments that toxic mold can cause.”

“The dangers of toxic mold are that they can cause serious health ailments but are hard to detect. A microbiologist can only determine differences between just mold and toxic mold. Common symptoms of toxic mold exposure include memory loss, allergies, and breathing difficulties. People with existing respiratory illness, asthma, and infants should be especially careful because of the fever and mold infections that can be suffered within their lungs due to toxic mold exposure.”

Courts are also recognizing the problem.

Perhaps the most famous lawsuit recognizing mold risks was in 2003, when the former “Tonight Show” sidekick Ed McMahon obtained a $7 million settlement from several companies he sued for allowing toxic mold to infest his Los Angeles home, making his family sick and killing his dog. Mold was allegedly caused by a pipe that burst in the entertainer’s den.

In recent years, courts awarded $4.3 million in civil lawsuits. In once case, two women moved claimed in their toxic substance lawsuit that a nearby road project conducted by the township caused water to drain onto their property, which led to the development of mold growths in their home that were both toxic and damaging to the property’s structure.

This article is a good summary of litigation and how information about the risks of water damage has been suppressed.

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