Spring Cleaning Time

Spring is in the air. So is dust. It’s time for the annual Spring cleaning and nobody does it better than BCS, whether it is your home or your office. Save 5% by calling now to schedule an appointment.

Our Spring cleaning is performed to the same high standards as our mold remediation and uses much of the same equipment. Our vacuuming is done with HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Arresting) vacuums so that we are not just taking dust from surfaces and throwing it into the air like a standard vacuum does. Our dusting is performed with lambs’ wool dusters or microfiber cloths which are designed to capture fine dust instead of flicking it into the air to settle elsewhere. Where airborne dust is a problem we also run air scrubbers (high volume HEPA filtered air movers) to constantly clean the air throughout the cleaning process.

Do you have high ceilings? Overhead beams and other high dust collectors? These are not a problem. We have crew members who are experienced on high ladders and setting up and working on scaffolding when needed. We always take measures to protect furniture and furnishings when working aloft.

We realize that disruption of a work space for cleaning can be a real problem for a company. Our crews are available 24/7 so that cleaning can be performed with a minimum of disruption. If cleaning needs to be performed while people are working we can do that as well and we have the experience to do so while minimizing disruption of the working environment.