Office Cleaning

BCS is an indoor environmental cleaning brokerage company specializing in cleaning contractors that only use techniques and equipment that will enhance the health of the work environment.We specialize in pleasing picky people.

Our experience with cleaning services is:

  1. The majority of cleaning contract changeovers occur not because of price, but because of the lack of responsibility taken by the outgoing contractor to handle ongoing problems of communication and quality management.
  1. A cleaning contract requires a contractor to take responsibility for all aspects of the contract, not just the placement of janitorial personnel.
  1. Long term success only comes from promptly and continually attending to all relevant client needs.

BCS’s sub-contractor cleaning crews are stable, reliable and provide invaluable service, adhering to the specificities required for their client’s building. BCS has a unique and rapid response quality control system and is available for the client 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.